We are dedicated to providing our officers with current, up-to date training and equipment to do the job to the best of their abilities.   We always support growth in our officers to do the best possible, therefore providing the citizens of Parma with quality police work at all times.  We encourage everyone to use their unique and different abilities to provide a well-rounded department.  


We train monthly, as a whole department, and with surrounding agencies; this ensures we respond to all calls for service with the highest efficiency response.  


We are always accepting applications for employment with our agency for our full time and the Reserve program.  Parma Police Department is continuing to grow with our beautiful community and is looking forward to the future. 

Currently Accepting Applicant Packets to fill vacancy(s)

We are currently accepting applicant packets to fill a newly vacated Police Officer position.  Those interested in becoming a member of our team are encouraged to apply.  Please click "Download Application" box below to start the application process.  Hard copies can also be picked up in the lobby of the Police Department or at City Hall.  All applicant packets must include, current City of Parma Police Officer Application, Cover Letter and Resume. 


If you are applying for a Lateral posting, current certification(s) (State of Idaho or out-of-state that meets or exceeds the State of Idaho POST standards) should be attached.  Do not include training files at this time.   



Our reserve program works to provide coverage to full time officers.  They fill in shifts for those who are on vacation and/or are on leave.  They are also there to work certain community and public events.  They are a valuable asset to our department and we appreciate the hard work they do. 

Parma Police Department is always

accepting applications for our Reserve Program.