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A. Declared Unlawful: It is unlawful for any person to create, cause, maintain or knowingly allow to exist for more than ten (10) calendar days a public nuisance on any premises or real property which the person owns, rents, leases, occupies, manages or has charge or possession of in the city of Parma. It shall be unlawful for any person to cause or permit a nuisance or the accumulation of rubbish on public or private property or its adjacent curbs, gutters, sidewalks, parking areas, ditch banks or ditches.


B. Exceptions:

1. An official public disposal site, landfill, or transfer station operated by the city of Parma or its franchisee shall not be a public nuisance.

2. The application and enforcement of this chapter shall not contravene the right to farm codified at title 22, chapter 45, Idaho Code.

3. The lawful business operation of a licensed dismantler, salvage yard or junk dealer shall not be a public nuisance, provided said operation does not create a fire, traffic, safety or health hazard to members of the public.

4. The restoration, maintenance, and/or preservation of motor vehicles as a noncommercial hobby shall not be a public nuisance, provided such operation does not create a fire, traffic, safety or health hazard to members of the public. (Ord. 560, 8-23-2010)


It shall be unlawful to create or have an open fire for any purpose within the city limits; provided, that the city clerk may issue a special permit when circumstances warrant such permit.

A. The prohibition on burning shall be stayed as follows:

1. From April 15 of each year to May 15 of each year; and

2. From October 15 of each year to November 15 of each year.

B. Subject to the following conditions:

1. Burning shall only occur between eleven o'clock (11:00) A.M. and up to one hour prior to sunset, as long as air quality is favorable on such date. Burning must comply with the rules and regulations of the environmental protection agency of the United States.

2. All conditions of a special permit shall apply to any period of open burning. (Ord. 478, 3-23-1998)


C. Special and/or temporary permits shall be issued at any other time with two (2) permits per day for one day's duration from the city clerk under the following rules: (Ord. 524, 6-14-2004)

1. If fire is attended all the time it is burning.

2. A source of water is available.

3. The fire must be completely out upon leaving.

4. If trouble is encountered, the fire department (911) must be called.

5. There will be no burning in or on streets, sidewalks, roads, alleys, curbs, or gutters.

6. That the owner, occupant, or agent accepts all responsibility for damage to neighboring property.

7. No burning of animals, plastic articles, petroleum products, pathogenic products, tires or rubber products or hazardous wastes will be allowed. (Ord. 478, 3-23-1998)

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