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Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Parma Police Department official website. I hope you find it informative and resourceful. My goal is to provide excellent service while building a positive relationship with the city of Parma. I am proud to work with a team that serves the community with respect, dignity, desire, and compassion. Thank you for entrusting me as you Chief.

                Robert Topie

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Our History

Parma Police Department, Idaho

End of Watch Monday, September 22, 1969

Patrolman John Combs was shot and killed when he stopped to investigate three men in a vehicle parked on the side of the highway two miles east of Parma. The three men inside were wanted for an earlier armed robbery. Patrolman Combs was struck by a shotgun blast as he approached the vehicle. The suspects then shot and wounded a civilian riding with him before stealing his patrol car. Two suspects were arrested a short time later after they overturned the patrol car following a high speed pursuit. The third suspect was apprehended the next day.

All three suspects were charged with Patrolman Combs' murder. One died in jail while awaiting trial on February 17, 1970. The other two were convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life in prison on April 6, 1970. One was paroled May 1, 1980, and the other suspect was paroled February 21, 1984.

Patrolman Combs, who served in the US Air Force, had been with the agency for 2 years and was survived by his wife and two children.

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